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A Hard Days Help!
Where were you when the world stopped turning?


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Here is where I wanted to set aside a portion of my website to dedicate it to the lives lost to the two largest terrorist attacks on American soil. Now I know most of you will probably just brush this off as just another tribute or you will get bored reading it since you have already heard so much about it eveywhere else. But I think it would do some good if I played my part in honoring the souls lost on April 19, 1995 and on September 11, 2001.





Above are some pictures of the World Trade Center or more widly known, The Twin Towers along with New York City's famous skyline. I have decided to show the pictures as they were before the attack so you may see them in their real majestic beauty...

Below, are pictures of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City shortly after the bombing. I sadly am unable to find any pictures of the Murrah building before the tragedy, so if you do have some pictures from before, please contact me so I may post them. Then, farther down, you see the Oklahoma City Memorial. The Murrah building used to stand to the right of the memorial in the first picture, clockwise. The memorial is actually set up on the now demolished street that ran past the Murrah Building. The "Field Of Empty Chairs" (third picture clockwise) now stands where the building use to. Each chair represents a person lost on April 19th, smaller ones represent a child.







We will never forget...

Tears In Heaven