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A Hard Days Help!
Sound Bites


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Here are some sounds bites I got off of the "Live At The BBC" cd and some Monkees sounds I got from here: I thought I would add something neat like this so people who didn't know could hear what the Beatles and Monkees sounded like and there sense of "humour".
PS: There is also the announcer or DJ guy talking too in most of the Beatles ones. He's normally the one asking questions, you can probably tell. Just so ya know.

Beatles Sounds:

1.) Crinsk Dee Night

2.) Just A Rumour

3.) 1822!

4.) Ringo Bark

5.) Don't Get Smart With Me


Monkees Sounds:

1.) Monkee Mobile

2.) *cluck* *cluck*

3.) Long Haired Weirdo

4.) Play Dumb

5.) The Galley

6.) Me Purse

7.) Up, Up and Away

8.) Monkee Mother

9.) Sorry

10.) Patrick Henry

11.) Army

12.) Don't Fly

13.) Jealous

1.) This first one is mainly John but Paul can be heard in the background.

2.) Number two is George, though you probably figured that out since he said his name...but anyway.

3.) Here's Johnny!

4.) It's Ringo's bark of course, everyone knows that! :)

5.) I sort of played around with this one because it was pretty long to start with so I pulled pieces from different spots in the conversation to make it a little more enjoyable and not take as long to download it all.

1.) Micky: "And that's how it always ends for men who use their knowledge of medicine for evil and badness."
Michael: "Come my trusty coharts, let us to the Monkeemobile, away!"
Micky and Davy: "Away!"
2.) Mike: "Save the Texas prairie chicken!"
3.) Micky: "Not bad for a longed haired weirdo, huh America?"
4.) Peter: "Why am I always the one to play dumb? Why can't I play smart once and awhile?"
5.) Pirate Guy: "Take him to the galley!"
Davy: "Oh please not the galley! Oh the galley, no, please don't hang me, don't hang me!"
Micky: "No, no not the gallows, the galley."
Davy: "Oh, you had me worried for a minute there, heh."
6.) Davy: "One more remark like that and I'll hit you with me purse."
7.) Mike and Davy: "Monkeemen!"
Davy: "Up, up and away!"
Mike: "Hold on, what's with this up and away thing?"
Davy: "I wanna fly man."
Mike: "Fly? Why you gonna fly man? The restraunts a half a block."
Davy: "Oh is it? We better walk then haven't we?"
Mike: "We might as well walk."
8.) Micky: "I've had it, I'm through!"
Mike: "Oh man keep your dress on."
Micky: "He's getting fresh."
Mike: "So he's getting fresh. It's for a pal anyway. Davy's in love with his daughter."
Micky: "Yeah and I'm gonna be his mother-in-law!"
Mike: "If you play your cards right."
9.) Micky: "You do and I'll be sorry!"
10.) The Monkees sing an American History song.
11.) Peter: "Me, the only man? Why me? What about the army? Ten-thousand strong!"
12.) Peter: "Don't fly (4x), if you get too close to the sun your wings'll melt!"
13.) Peter: "I myself am deeply jealous."

If you have ANY sound bites at all of the Beatles or Monkees please, please, please e-mail them to me! I'd love to put them up and I would give your due credit as well!