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A Hard Days Help!
Bizarre AIM convos

These are some of my fun AIM conversations that I have had with my friends, woohoo! But since this is open internet, screen names have been slightly altered to keep the privacy and so that those mentioned don't get spammed and note that the convos have been cut down and resized as much as possible to save space. That's why some are not exactly how they were typed. Oh and all -*- signs are real names blocked out, m'kay? Strict I know, just go with it.


Auto response from LatteGuy: eating something. probably some sort of processed animal carcass. be back in a minute.


LatteGuy: and with chicken! :-D

I Me You 4: uh armed with a chicken, I am officially afraid *cower*

I Me You 4: ooo hah! *grabs a large trout* ungard!

LatteGuy: b'gok

LatteGuy: but -*-, my chiken's been cooked

LatteGuy: and with orange sauce, no less

LatteGuy: and boy, oh boy, is it tasty

I Me You 4: yeah well my trout is fresh out of the sea...don't ask how...and is really mad...

LatteGuy: i'll bet

LatteGuy: uh oh

I Me You 4: right

LatteGuy: ASPCA

I Me You 4: cheese it!

LatteGuy: mmm cheese

I Me You 4: hehe blessed are the cheese makers

LatteGuy: you don't sell cheese here, do you?

I Me You 4: nope, I'm sorry we don't

LatteGuy: this is a complete waste of my time, isn't it

I Me You 4: yes sir it is

LatteGuy: i'm sorry, but i'm going to have to shoot you now.

LatteGuy: *bang*

I Me You 4: hahahaha...hey wait a minute, why did I end up being the person who gets shot? *raises eyebrow*

LatteGuy: cuz you were doing the lines of the cheese guy, and he's the one that gets shot?

LatteGuy: btw, where's the plop

I Me You 4: well true...*mental note* pick lines of someone who lives

I Me You 4: oh my bad!

I Me You 4: *PLOP*!

LatteGuy: thank you

LatteGuy: hehehe

I Me You 4: *ker*

I Me You 4: *plop*

I Me You 4: anytime, lol

LatteGuy: paste this onto your site

LatteGuy: i like

LatteGuy: it

I Me You 4: paste what?

LatteGuy: this conversation

LatteGuy: starting with I HAVE RETURNED

I Me You 4: okey dokey, haha. That's a good idea, I can have a little spot for aim convos

LatteGuy: if you can spare the bandwidth, make a "Bizzare AIM Convo" page

I Me You 4: alrighty! I have a goal, hurray!

I Me You 4: oh and you forgot to bang a gong when you returned hehe

LatteGuy: shoot

LatteGuy: er

LatteGuy: dang

LatteGuy: can't say shoot

LatteGuy: no more space for dead bodies in this window

I Me You 4: wuahaha *rubs hands together* *gets out gun*...oh no shoot? rats...

I Me You 4: erm...should i leave that part out of the quote?

LatteGuy: yes, we have no banaņas

I Me You 4: ooo you made a little squiggly'd ya do that?

LatteGuy: stop at anytime, lol

I Me You 4: haha ok



LatteGuy: g2g

LatteGuy signed off at 8:30:20 PM.


I Me You: haha aww...hmm so how bout them apples?

KMAIABF: uhh...

KMAIABF: theyre..

KMAIABF: goosd



KMAIABF: *sneezes*

KMAIABF: *sniff* sorry


I Me You: brb

stripeysokky: kk

I Me You: back

stripeysokky: wb

I Me You: ty

stripeysokky: np

stripeysokky: *g*

I Me You: *g*...I think we just carried on an entire convo without typing more than 2 letters each time...

I Me Your: the wonders of technology...

stripeysokky: eheh yeah  and the wonders of English

stripeysokky: lol

stripeysokky: ok

stripeysokky: so

I Me You: si

stripeysokky: R U K?

I Me You: I K, u?

stripeysokky: ya

I Me You: k

stripeysokky: gd

I Me You: ya

stripeysokky: *gives up*

Bballgurl on the book Beantrees: "It was sad, disgusting, and funny, and confusing all at the same time".
bandgeek19: went to see drumline, had an extremely excellent night! and now i feel as though im flyinG! :-D


STEALTH32: wow, have u ever made butter explode??

I Me You 4: Christmasy!!! that was a random question...but not to my knowledge. You have a personal experience?

STEALTH32: macaroni hates me, brb

I Me You 4: ok, have fun

STEALTH32 signed off at 7:46:49 PM.

Told to me on 12-23-02

Tidy: hahh, buy....

Tidy: mine r on my

Starburst: bye

Tidy: :-! gih-nite

Starburst: nite

Tidy: niter

Starburst: lol bye

Tidy: buyr

Tidy: 1 2 3! buy. (that was final)

Starburst: lol bye

Tidy: .....


I Me You 4: why are you scarred for afterlife?

STEALTH32: its an inside joke with myself

I Me You 4: oh....ok...well you two don't have too much fun *backs away slowly*

STEALTH32: lol

STEALTH32: r u decorating your instrument?

I Me You 4: yep, we have battery powered lights, u?

STEALTH32: ya, but its crappy

I Me You 4: why? what happened?

STEALTH32: i have a reindeer on mine so ha

STEALTH32: nothing happened, just uncreative people happened

I Me You 4: lol, go euphy! is that how you spell her name?

STEALTH32: do we bring cases or what?

I Me You 4: I'm probably going to, because I hear it may rain

STEALTH32: i doubt it

I Me You 4: welp, the weather dude predicted it...though that may mean that we definitely won't have one, since their always wrong

STEALTH32: i dont know whether to make Euphy a strap or not. might be 2 much work...

I Me You 4: I'm not gonna bring a strap. There was a picture in the paper from last year and the people were sitting down, just bring your wire stand


STEALTH32: i g2g drink egg nog and watch tv

I Me You 4: alrighty, have fun

I Me You 4: eww egg no like

STEALTH32: shame shame

I Me You 4: yes well hot choco is good, mmmm

I Me You 4: bye

STEALTH32: this is the real question, would u rather be drowned in hot chocoa or egg nog. egg nog of course

I Me You 4: why?

STEALTH32: cuz its not hot!!

STEALTH32: ok, well think about that one bye

I Me You 4: lol ok, cya

STEALTH32 signed off at 5:06:44 PM.


My Note: It is always better to drown in egg nog than hot chocolate because egg nog is not hot. With something to think about this is STEALTH32, make it a great day or else...err...or not the choice is yours. I vote for that as the next announcement. That's valuable info right there!


--I Me You: *blink blink*

incendiarybagel: you should proly blink again

incendiarybagel: riiiight

incendiarybagel: now!

I Me You: *blink*!

I Me You: eyes sting...

incendiarybagel: lol

incendiarybagel: sorry

--I Me You: *makes another note*...all this loss of blood...wooo the world is spazing...*collapse*

incendiarybagel: hmm here

incendiarybagel: have some camel blood

incendiarybagel: *pour pour pour noise*

I Me You: *reviving noises*

I Me You: camel I suppose to be growing a rather large hump on my back for any reason?

incendiarybagel: i dont know

incendiarybagel: if you do you can just drink more water now

I Me You: true...oooor now I can carry root beer around in my back an drink it during english class *gets out straw*

incendiarybagel: that would be cool

incendiarybagel: i want camel blood

More Coming soon as I have some more conversations with people.