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Strange Ramblings of a Spanish Teacher

What you are about to read are the weird and sometimes un-understandable ramblings of my German-Spanish teacher. Aka he's from Germany but he is teaching my school spanish. Smart huh? sheesh...Anywho the sayings listed below are some of his favorites that he likes to mumble sometimes incoherently in class.
Warning: These may not be for the ill at heart, women who are pregnant (men as well), or any children under the age of -10. Procede with have been warned...mwahahahahahahaha...*ahem*
Also let it be known that I am in no way putting down Germany or any German people, this page was created for the soul purpose of my dislike for my spanish teacher. My intention was not to offend and I hope I didn't, sorry!

(In very thick German accent)
-Shtop theese: which I have interrpurted as "stop this" but there is room for debate.
-My GODT!: My GOD!
-MANOLO!!!!: Definenetly one of his favorites. This is a spanish nickname for a kid in my class, which my teacher frequently yells.
-Blah, blah: (must be done while making a mouth/beak thing with your hand and opening and closing it spastically)
-Shtop Talking: You get the idea of what this means
-No Matah: Another one of his definete favorites. I don't know why but apparently anything that doesn't have to do with exactly what he says doesn't matter. You could probably burst into flames in his class room and he would most likely say: "My GODT (insert your name here)! Ehhh, no matah, we continue on now..."
-He was even caught once saying (and I quote):
"He [Mishal] is a terrorist. A terrorist is a person who terrorize. Some people terrorize more than others."
No lie...I don't think a person with such views should be left to mold and shape (more like pound info into) the fragile (hard headed), pure (HAH!), and impressionable (ok I agree with that one) minds of the American Youth. What is the world coming to!?
-shhht shhht: a noise that must be made by turning hand like so meaning something like "turn it down" I think (I will somehow find out how to add sound bites and video clips, lol!)
-He has also been quoted as saying:
"I live in a tent and I wish a tornado would come and blow it away!"
Oh so do do we...
-Coping Heer: hmmm something like "copying here" or some variation of that.
-My teacher also says that "blabing without authorization" is not allowed (hmmm ok...sure that makes perfect sense...uh huh...*ahem*)
-What's Theese!: Translated as "What's This!" (yes that was meant to be just an exclamation point not a question because when my teacher asks you any question, he expects you to interpurt it as retorical and not to respond.)
-Aht Tree Sherty: My teacher normally shouts this when you ask him for ANYTHING (exp. "Can I go to the bathroom, please?" "Awww, aht tree sherty! Go seet now, seet.") It probably means "At three thiry!", but that is open for discussion.
-Seet down: Following what I quoted my teacher as saying above, it is interpurted as sit down but the good thing about him is that you can say you never understood him so there is no reason to obey; if I didn't hear it didn't happen.
Don't worry, I'll be sure to add some more on later and I'd love for people in one of his classes to e-mail me strange things you have caught him saying. Or anyone else in the world who has a strange and/or disturbing teacher, feel free to write me!

This probably made absolutely no sense to the majority of you reading this, but I am telling you, that is for the best! You are lucky if you don't understand, but maybe you got a slight giggle out of some of it. I try!