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A Hard Days Help!
Impovershment of the English Language

Anything you say oddly can and will be used out of context in a website of Me!

This is my strange, sort of wacky and/or disturbing "book"/"dictionary" I have been writing with the help of my friends from school and from various chattrooms. I have given credit to each person I remember getting a word from (keyword there is: REMEMBER), so if I accidently forgot you please let me now, don't bring out the legal papers just yet! (though I do recommend as an opertune time to build a paded wall and start sowing a straight jacket)

Confusled (con-fuzz-eld) v. confused or disoriented as in being completely lost in a conversation you came in the middle of which you should never have heard in the first place because it is either strangely disturbing or not rated G.
Netao (ne-tay-o) n. neat or cool. The product of late night chatting at midnight or one a.m. and the accidental slip which results in the t slipping right up over the a.
Spontaneously Combust (umm well this will take to long...just sound it out I know there are a lot of Phonics Game kids out there, come on!) n. the art (yes art) of combusting spontaneously (hence the name). For example you may be walking down the street one day and POP! FIZZLE! FIZZLE! FIZZLE! your a clump of odd looking ash on the side walk with maybe an eyeball here and there.
Pandelerium (panda-lerium) n./v. derived from pandemonium and delerium. First invented by Jeff Foxworthy back in the dark ages (known as the early 90s)
NINAN (looks like it sounds, except if you are from the deep south and add the accent whereby making the AN sound like "an" instead of sounding like "on" as us normal Americans do)  n. Translation: Nothingness Is Not A Noodle! This one is specifically from Nathan who claims he was in a chattroom and someone called him a bubbled that had popped into nothingness, so he changed his name to nothingness, and someone then said that nothingness is not a noodle and thus creating the word NINAN. (If that story isn't right Nathan, tell me in spanish class.)
Pop (pop) n. soda or coke. A Yankee saying, frowned upon by the majority of the south and generally receives death threats and/or nasty looks if uttered within a 500 mi. radius of the Mason-Dixon line.
Relative Dating (words need not be said) n./v. the age of a rock based on it's location and the number of layers above it. Or, I personally subscribe to the definition of relatives or family members going out with each other (generally in Arkansas)
(I will finish this in a few minutes, I gotta go eat dinner now, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm...) 
Let's see I have been perpetually eating dinner for the past 3 or 4 weeks now so I figured I should probably lay off for a while and add onto this page :). I could tell you I ate only vegetarian to please

Sometimers I truly am not sure what form of speech this would be *shrug* forgetting sometimes. Derived from alltimers. It is typical school babble when talking about HW that someone sometimes forgets, hence sometimers.
Alltimers see above forgetting all the time. Derived from sometimers (it's a neverending circle). See above for the definition except put in always instead of sometimes.
Snaffy v. snappy, nifty, or keen. Don't you love it when a dictionary gives a definition using words that are just as strange or large and you end up not understanding a word of it anyway?
Wazy (waa-z) v. one word: anti-snaffy (does that count as one word)
Splooshwoo n. a random noun. I have no idea where this one came from *shrug*.
Stoled v. exp.: "Goodness gracious, dear me! My purse has been a stoled! Help, help!"
Genedectives (jean-dectives) n. derived from Gene Detectives. This came about when my science teacher wrote the wrong words on the board...I personally like my idea better...
Phantaskick (fan-tas-kick) v. derived from fantastic. Another word that came about in science class (this is my creative class, it's right after lunch and the caffeine and sugar's pumping through the blood and everyone in my class goes a little off wack...)
Vexed (vex-d) v. angry or confused. exp.: "That really vexes me." -es.
Phun (fun) n. derived from fun. Normally uttered while breakdancing!!!!
Huzzah (hah-zah) n. exclamation, cry of delight.
Incog-neato n. unknown things that are neat :).
Eskideleyoendoenbodoskadeetendatenwaddaenchu n. a gray cat with a limp. Yes, this is a real made-up word, not just me hitting random buttons. I wanna hear someone say that word 5 times fast :).
Fowunder (hmmm, oh I dunno, however you interpurt it) n. deriving from founder. Another word born in a chatroom; founder gone wrong.
Prufalee (pruf-a-lee, it's simple enough) adj. an article of clothing in which the fabric is rather wavy (like the ocean on a windy day)
Preek (Greek with a P) n./adj. exclamation. It must be sung while raising head  (E.T. version) and rolling the 'r'.
Rumpy (rump with a 'y') adj./v. to have a large rump (this is a family friendly site so I am not allowed to say butt...oh darn I said it...gee.)
Dyatta (de-yacht-ahhh) n. this is what a German person yells when either their boat is on fire or their boat is sinking : ).
Tutti (toot-e) ummm use it anything form of speech who cares! it is a fun expression really derived from a band term but I thought I would put it in here because it is cool! So there!
Twinkies (ummm tween-keys) n. two people having the same clothes or look alike.
Trinkies (treen-keys) n. three people having same clothese or look alike...this could go on for a LONG time so I will leave it at this and just say etc etc etc etc etc etc....
Tridesacked (tryed-sacked) v. being mentally diverted from something that you were doing.
syn: sidetracked
Winchestertonfieldville, Iowa (its a "small town") n. If any of you people have seen the movie Mr. Deeds yet than you will understand that. For others I can only tell you one thing...GO SEE THE MOVIE :), offense of course just a suggestion.
Quench-thirsting (you get it) uhhh not sure...hmmm coming from thirst-quenching. This word came about while walking down Mathew Street in Liverpool...hmm maybe Mathew Street is a good thinking spot...interesting...
Ginormous (guy-norm-ous) v. a mix between gigantic and enormous. The tour guide on one of our "Big Bus Tour"s used this word to describe the "ginormous" hamster that goes with the London Eye.
Wikid (wicked) v. deriving from wicked...meaning really, really cool. The first word on this list to come from Monkeeland! Woohoo! Thanks Elaine :).
Smae (sh-may) n. an ancient tribal word for "something". Yep you guessed it...more chatting :).
Mwee hee hee (uhhh yeah *ahem*) umm v. *shrug* it's a laugh you see when you laugh you can "mwee hee hee"....well just trust me!
Yeperoni (yep-er-oni) w.c. (who's my new form of speech lol) it just basically means "Yes" or "Yep" (the two words above and a couple after this came from a convo between me and emily...she had a sudden burst of funky words...FYI) :)
Niftyricious (nifty-ricious) v. it is derived from nifty or cool or keen! Ya you get it...
Soker (soccer) n. well ya kinda get the idea when I told ya how to pronounce it lol...but uhhh this one oozed out of the mind of whitney in a chat today too....boy this must be one heck of a day for weird words...
Wonderflu (wonder-flu, simple as that) v. its derived from the word "wonderful"...if you haven't already figured that out...and it just means great or good or neato. You get the jest of it, yeh?
Thinny (thin-e) v./adj. meaning thin or lack of weight...err whatever...umm tis one from my new spanish class this year (no more German spanish teacher...if you don't know what I'm talking about go to the next page).
Distractido (distract-ido) v. woot! Spanglish! Gotta love it :)'s supposed to mean distracted by the way, uh huh.
Alba Bater (all-ba bought-ter) n. alma mater would be the translation. This one came from my band's been a long day...
Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia (uh yeah) n. a fear of long words
Whozit? (who-zit) sentence southerner for "Who is it?"
Jeetyet? (jeat(like beat with a "j")-yet) sentence southerner for "Have you eaten yet?"
Youghtu (uought-2) sentence southerner for "You ought to".
Reddyet (red-yet) sentence southerner for "Are you ready yet?"
Kaboomatude (ka-boom-a-tude...right) n./v. being able to blow up as in a nasal kaboomatude like Jorns...hehehehe that's still funny hahaha eh *ahem*...
Dasdasterdly (daz-das-turd-lee) v./n./adj.-ed to be evil or corrupt. Thank you Josh's mind! What did you name your mind? Tell me in class, m'kay? I named my hair Arthur...*crickets chirp*...what? That's important info right there *nod*.
Cacca (I'm not totally sure how to say have fun with it) n./v./adj. to be passed out, hehehe. *PLOP!* (<--- person passing out) "Oh my that person is cacca! *gasp*"
Immimic (im-im-ick) v. a mix between imitate and mimic.  Happens when you are about to say one word and rapidly change your mind to another and mix the words
Yesamahuh (yes'm-ma-huh) statement Means yes, yup, yep, yepperoni (scroll up) name it...
Amsk (aaah-m-sk) I'm not really sure what it is but I know mask was trying to be written, maybe you had to be there *shrug*.
Air Male (air mail) n. the sending of a male to a female through the mail...<Dani told me this, it was all her fault! :-)>

Unununium (unununuununuuun or whatever) n. Uuu on the Periodic Table...but it sure sounds cool!
Ununilium (unununilililil, right) n. Uun on the Periodic Table.
Anitibodies (aniti-bodies) n. I love science class! :-)...with the exclusion of the tests of course, those are evil.
Shwann Shleiden (swan with an "h" and sliden with an "h") sentence I think I shall make this my own sport, sliding swans w00t! Go little swan go!
Phobee (foo<as in food>-be) exclamation something like "oh darn". Example: Me: "It's the end of the world!!" Heather: "Oh phobee!"....<actual conversation>
Arabinose (are-a-ba-nose) n. I would call it an Arab's nose, but someone might hit I'll just say that it is a cool word but it really is a sugar.
bla (blah) n. in reality it provides a resistance to antibiotics...whoever came up with this scientific word: I love you!
Presactly (pre-sact-ly) uhh adj.? precisely and exactly had a baby.
thwock (th-walk) v. it's slapping someone and/or kicking the...well let's just say that when someone says something annoying or dorky you can use this word.
Thoboeanthan  (holy crap! *shrug*) n. mixture of Thor, Bob, Sean, and Nathan....aka Chris.
Lacktion (lack-tion) n. the action of lacking something.
Exp.: incendiarywaffle: why is it (lacking heat) rather

I Me Mine 44: *conjures a fire next to *-**

incendiarywaffle: yay

incendiarywaffle: less heat lacktion


pnatu (p-natu..duh!) n./v./adj./who really cares?/Richard Nixon

"point" led astray. *sigh* awww so many words are led to the darkside of evil and nonexistant ways these days...boy I'm sure glad they do, otherwise I wouldn't have this page.

Special thanks for helping me come up with these words, and wasting precious class time though in spanish class making this book was more than we normally do in a week in that class, to: Nathan, Lauren, Chris, Dani, Josh, Emily, My Dad, Elaine, Heather, Whitney, Lacey, Russel, Mishal, Brian, Alan, and many people off of the Bagism chat of whom I can't remember exactly...well this goes out to you all, you know who you are (if you remember). And I apologize to anyone I forgot! If I did forget you please e-mail and tell me or talk to me in person however the case may be! :)