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A Hard Days Help!
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About Me

"What can I tell you about myself which you have not already found out from those who do not lie?" -John Lennon.

Yes, what can I tell you? Well let's see I am the owner of this site and it doesn't matter where I live because if it did matter then I would think you a stalker and ban you from my website. Anyway, there really isn't much to say about me except that I am a big Beatles freak and I just enjoy music from an earlier time period than now. I don't knock other people's music because that is there taste and none of my buisness, so I would appreciate it if no one would bug me about my good taste in music :), thank you.

I think I got started on the Beatles when my dad showed me the Beatles Anthology special on TV. Though when I was very little there was always Beatles, or "oldies" music playing in my house, so I was always exposed to them. But when I watched Anthology I just got hooked and I couldn't believe how awesome it was! Right then I took all of my dad's Beatles cds and locked myself in my room playing them all over and over.

Now I have all the Beatles cds and the majority of their solo albums. I just grabbed on and never let go...

You have probably found out from reading my favorites at the bottom of the page but I REALLY lik music, it is my life next to the computer of course haha. I also enjoy history and learning about it. History Channel is one of my favorite things to watch on TV. I also like writing stories and poems though I am a little hesitant to post any on my site, woooo too many people would get to read them and it would be unleashed on the world, dun dun dun. No, but I might add some poems later.

I'm not totally sure what I want to do with my life yet but I am looking into a field of journalism maybe or possibly a historian. I was going to be a teacher but then I realized that I am counting the days until I can get out of school, why would I want to come back after I have to??? Besides I don't teach very well and kids are mean so I will stay away from that proffesion. Actually I have now been thinking of becoming a band director and pursuing my brass music career. So I of course will shoot for Berklee College of Music...but if not I do hope to go to a college and major in music, that is my goal! But who knows? Que' sera sera, whatever will be will be...

Favorite Movies (not in particular order):
-A Hard Days Night
-To Kill A Mockingbird
-Yellow Submarine
-Monty Python: Search For the Holy Grail
-Magical Mystery Tour
-Blazing Saddles
-The Alamo (John Wayne version)
-Let it Be
-It's a Wonderful Life
-Monty Python: Life of Brian
-Airplane 2: The Sequel
-Marx Brothers: Day At the Races
-Citizen Kane
-Rough Riders

Favorite Song:
-In My Life
-Here Comes The Sun
-Across the Universe
-Nowhere Man
-A Day In The Life
-All Things Must Pass
-Cloud Nine
-Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)
-Like A Rolling Stone
-Mr. Tamborine Man
-Rainy Day Women #12&35
-Shine On You Crazy Diamond
-Wish You Were Here
-Brick In The Wall
-Baba O'Reily
-We're Not Gonna Take It
-Pinball Wizard
-Handle Me With Care
etc etc etc

TV shows that I think are cool:
-The Monkees
-Three's Company
-Family Ties
-All In the Family (basically the whole Nick at Nite line-up)
-West Wing
-Malcolm in the Middle
-Almost anything on The History Channel
etc etc etc

TV Shows That I Miss:
-Now & Again
-Early Edition
-Sliders (long gone original version)
-WKRP in Cincinatti
-Alley McBeal
-Sports Night
-Special Unit 2 (recently taken off the air *sniffle*)
-Mister Roger's Neighborhood (woohooo! It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day in the neighborhood!)

I should be sleeping like a log...