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Tribute to VR3D

This is a tribute to Videoranch 3D, made entirely by PinkyG (and when I say entirely I mean entirely! All I did to this page was type what you are reading right now lol)...and let it be known that her tribute is a lot pretty than mine! Check it out: 
Oh yeah and check this out too if your don't know what Videoranch is...though I am shocked and dismayed if you don't :) j/k...go here:


"Remembering something so good shouldn't be depressing...but should bring back smiles of good times with friends. For, when it is really good and true, friendship never ends....even though we may be far apart....we can always be each others heart."  -CharleyO



I'll remember you...
Still your enchantment
Comes through in offline mode

Hey who'd ever think a
Sty and piano
Would make a chat
Seem just like home
Ahh VR3D You were the best by far

Nez, my friend, what a ranch you ran
Made a place, sure to entertain
Hey how'd ya think up, talking pigs
Who could tell you who was in
Ahh VR3D you were the best by far

There were the bots
and the cams
and even rocket TVs
The Rio
and Formosa
and a Forrest full of Mp3s

VRanch and Neffie, DG and Dale, too
The Ranch is gone, but I'll remember you

So my memory of VR is still alive today
Like, though I was late for class, I thought I must stay
Thank you, for the tales you gave me
Thank you, for the friends you made me
Please take this spoof
As my thanks to you



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