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England or Bust!
Itinerary Page

If it's Tuesday, this must be Belgium... (I have no idea how this pertains to me because the webpage maker put it in there to "guide" me along and stuff, but I found it rather amusing so I left it, haha)

Alright, here I am going to try and list (if I remember everything), in order (possibly or at least close enough), everyplace my family and I went on this vacation.

  • Found our flat (apartment) in Battersea Park and got locked out of the room whereby I was unanimously nominated (unbeknownts to me) to climb through the extremely tiny window and unlock the door...great start to our vacation huh?
  • Took a walk around London while overcoming major jet lag...not too fun.
  • Went to the Tower Of London and took the tour there with the Beef Eaters...those guys have the best names! I would like to be a Beef Eater but there is just one catch of having to join the British army and I don't think I'm army material...hmm.
  • Tried to find a (believed) short cut through Battersea Park whereby getting lost instead and having to walk even further to the tube stop at Sloane Square. We also saw and heard Big Ben, saw the Houses of Parliament,  saw the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace  (*cough* or at least the back of 10 billion tourists *cough*).
  • One of the most fun days!!!! We strode across Abbey Road :) woohoo!, went to Madame Tussauds (very cool!) and went to the Planetarium (slightly dizzing but awesome effects!).
  • Bus trip to Stonehenge and Bath...need I say more!? :)
  • Took the "Big Bus" Tour around London which is a "hop on-hop off" experience, meaning you can get off the bus whenever you want and look around and then get back on the next bus that comes along (they generally come along every 5 to 10 minutes so we weren't kept waiting).
  • Took the train to Liverpool!!!! *dances and throws confetti*. While there we went to: Albert Dock, Beatles Story, Magical Mystery Tour Bus around to their houses, schools, work name it the bus went there!
  • Went to the London Museum and I had a pretty bad headache and wasn't able to enjoy it too much but it was still cool because it was FREE! Yep you heard me, FREE!
  • And finally *sniffle* we walked all the way to Victoria Station (because the Tube HAD to pick THIS DAY to go on strike...grrr) and got on the Gatwick Express back to the airport *sniffle* and got on the plane *sob* and came home *sigh*...but I have to admit the flight to and from London was awesome! There was so much to do I didn't have time to think about all the turbulence :).
  • Lets see...on the way to London I watched the movie "The Rookie" which was a pretty good movie...but I've seen better *shrug*. On the way back to the US I watched: "The Time Machine" (awesome movie! though I think it could have been made to flow a bit was rushed), "A Beautiful Mind" (ooooooooo, very good movie! It definitely fooled and surprised me! Sheesh, I give it 4 thumbs up...err I mean 2...I mean uhh...), and "I am Sam" (which probably only impressed me because of all the Beatles and John Lennon references. The guy had good taste in music, he had at least four Lennon posters in his house :-) ).

Phew...gaw you don't have any idea how hard it was for me to remember all of that in order :).