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England or Bust!
And In the End...

...the plane you catch 
will lead you back
to hoooome... 


The FREE British Museum


The Rosetta Stone! Let me here you now: ooooo ahhhhh


The Book of the Dead (wonder how much it would fetch on Ebay...hmmm)


On the floor of the main hall in the museum it reads:
"And let thy feet
Milleniums hence
be set in the midst of knowledge." -Tennyson


Here's the internet cafe that I was mainly posting from. It's called the "Easy Internet Cafe" inside of the Virgin Megastore. I only had one problem...each time I went back to it they had raised their prices...grrrr


England, as seen from our airplane.


The engine of our airplane, and you can see that we are going over the Atlantic now...see the tiny icebergs on the water?

Magical Mystery Tour 3

That's all folks!