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England or Bust!

Okey dokey, here's Bath and I promised to look out for strange old ladies and the scent of burnt almonds :) (in-joke)


Me giving the "sheesh do ya have to take that many pictures in my face?" look.


This is us in the bus approaching Bath.
Doesn't it look like Bath is falling into a cut in the ground or something?
Well it does to me *shrug*


Here's Bath and to the left there is the "Roman Baths and Museum" which we took a tour of.


Here we have one of the main Baths in Bath that Romans used to Bathe in. I hope it was bit cleaner then because we weren't even allowed to touch it for fear of disease...of course I was told this after I had already put my fingers in it *sigh*


Here's the sign describing the can read it right? I think you can.


A big 'ole organ in the Bath Cathedral


My head in the Bath Cathedral

Madame Tussauds2

Stonehenge, huzzah!