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England or Bust!
Madame Tussauds

Mostly Madame Tussaud pictures but a couple strange ones thrown in at the beginning...I can't completely bore myself to death putting up these pictures/


Me reaching for a Toblerone *evil grin*...mmmm chocolate *drool*


My foot in the a magnificent photo...hmmm


Me with the Beatles!!!!
(Well sort of...ok ok it's Madam Tussaud's Wax Museum *sigh*...can't a person dream!?)


Charles Dickens...whoa isn't that incredibly freaky how real he looks? I was afraid to touch him for fear that he would look over and say "Excuse me! Get your hand off my shoulder!"


The King of Rock N' Roll ladies and gentlemen! Elvis!
Did Elvis have blue eyes? I did not know he had blue eyes...hmmm...


Alfred Hitchcock! Dun dun dun!

More Pictures

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