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England or Bust!

Ok peoples I'm not an expert at describing things so I'll just say that this is the website I made so that I can show off my pictures from my trip around England. I hope it's fun and stuff...and you don't fall asleep at the computer because drool doesn't mix well with the keyboard and it might ooze onto the cords and before you know it you hear a sizzling sound and snapping and cracking and you might smell something burning and all of a sudden....BOOM! *ahem* did I go to far? :-) Well anyways just view these pics and enjoy, thanks.

Alright now, starting out you can either choose to read my long and drawn out itinerary or jump right to the pretty pictures. *gets all mysterious * Take the blue pill and read the itinerary, take the red pill and go right to the pictures...the choice is yours.

Thanks for visiting! And wherever you go on your travels in this life...or the next...never, EVER, forget this mindful peace of wisdom a wise man (or woman) once said:
"If at first you don't succeed,
Destroy all evidence that you ever tried."
Thank you.
Mysterious Voice Out of Nowhere #1: "The notice above brought to you by your friendly neighborhood kidnapper...err pagemaker..err...something."
Mysterious Voice Out of Nowhere #2: "*sigh* Can't send a boy to do a man's boj..uh job...uh baj...uh can't boj a boy to do uh..."