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A Hard Days Help!
Early Beatles

Here's a few very early pictures of the Beatles before the mania and fame. When they were still those rough boys from a Northern port town. When they were cast weary eyes from parents as they strode down the streets in full leather garb and unruly Elvis hairstyles and cheap guitars slung over a shoulder. Here are some moments in time caught when The Beatles were still loving the music and playing as friends.
PS: John, Paul, George, and Pete?? Yes, if you're a Ringo fan don't get your hopes up, there aren'f any of him in this page sorry. 


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"Their Name Liveth For Evermore"...I've never heard a more ironic truth

Paul, John, George...aww the 50s...

Stu Sutcliffe, John, Paul, -stand in drummer-, George

John and Paul

George, Paul, Pete Best, John

George, Stu Sutcliffe, John

John, George, Paul, Pete

"Mersey Beat" January 4-18 1962

John, George, Paul

More Coming Soon...